Information on the return of old equipment

We take care of the proper disposal of your old electronic equipment:

Disposal of small appliances:
Electric appliances, which do not exceed an edge length of 25 cm and a total weight of 31.5 kg, are considered to be electrical appliances. Otherwise, they are large electrical appliances.
If these devices are defective, or if you have other reasons to dispose of them, you can request a return receipt under the e-mail address, with which you can send the device free of charge.

Please proceed as follows:
1) Remove all removable batteries and batteries from the unit.
2) Make sure that all personal data has been deleted from the device.
3) Pack the device safely and carefully for shipping.
4) Please request a return note under the email address
5) After receipt of the return note, cut it out and send the package to us.

Disposal of large appliances:
If the electrical device weighs more than 31.5 kg or If the device exceeds an edge length of 25 cm, this device is considered to be a large device. These can also be returned to us for proper disposal. However, the return of large devices is linked to the purchase of a new device of the same type. Example: You are buying a server from us and we will take back your old server. In this case, please contact our e-mail address: before we pick up or return it, so that we can give you an appointment for delivery to our location.