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Our workstations have been designed for professional users who require a stable, reliable platform and a performance level that is superior that of PCs.

In a business environment where many
complex issues and tasks often need to be addressed under time pressure and with a limited budget, workstation solutions are needed that provide an optimal level of performance at all times.

By providing proven,
fully-optimized solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity, our workstations offer unique benefits in the most important work areas:


Media and entertainment:



  • Shorter rendering times
  • Faster and more effective Workflows
  • Higher mobility and more on-the-go Features
  • More innovation and greater creativity
  • Exceptional stability under demanding conditions
  • Industry-leading in design and look and feel
  • Images and videos in precise colours with high-performance grphics and high-resolution displays
Adobe After Effects

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Adobe Lightroom

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Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Premiere Pro

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Agisoft PhotoScan

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Autodesk 3ds Max

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Autodesk Maya

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Cinema 4D

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CPU-Based Rendering

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GPU-Based Rendering

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Live Streaming

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Virtual Reality

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